Friday, June 19, 2009

Magilla the Griller

I continue to live in a grill-free apartment. Fortunately there is a brand new and totally awesome grilling blog to blow some smoke through your RSS read: This guy is an expert with a Green Egg, and he's sharing a ton of good recipes for you to try out. Monkfish and mango skewers? Hell yes.

As for me, I've had pretty good luck finding people with grilling space who need help running the coals. Now that summer is trickling into New England, there might be a few Smokey Joe excursions in the future as well. If anyone has some other tips for making cook outs possible in the urban jungle, leave it in the comments.


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Friday, January 09, 2009

The Mighty Bacon Explosion

Fair warning, your cholesterol levels might go up just clicking on this link.

Basic Summary:
- Lattice of bacon
- Two pounds of sausage
- More bacon
- BBQ sauce and rub
- Rolled into a tube and slow smoked with a glaze

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baja BBQ Firepack

I've been a reluctant fan of the flammable charcoal bag for awhile. For those who don't know, its a small bag of match light charcoal. One simply lights the bag and the entire thing burns up, igniting the coals. Very convenient for grilling on the go, but with the downside of utilizing lighter fluid which can ruin the flavor.

The Baja BBQ Firepack utilizes the same concept of prepackaged charcoal, but also includes a built in chimney function, allowing you to ignite the coals through natural air induction. Designed by Mike and Maaike and produced by Lazzari. Link found on MoCo Loco.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Army Green Smokey Joe

I'm sorry this blog never updates. Its hard to grill in the city, in winter, with no porch. I've moved a lot of my culinary adventures into the kitchen, like the soft lazy old man I've become. But I just caught sight of this badass new color available in the Smokey Joe and had to post about it.

And of course there is a coordinating portable grill tool set:

Everyone knows the Smokey Joe is the mobile urban grilling tool of choice. Easily rides along in the car or a tote bag for portable charcoal action when and where you need it. And now it has an awesome shade of army green. Looks like its a special edition color only available at Crate & Barrel, similar to the equally awesome Weber Performer, my dream grill for the day I own a house with a porch, that they had last year in a nice grass green. Looks like that one has been updated to match in army green as well.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

MIT BBQ & Tailgating Prep

Today when I was walking around outside work I noticed that someone had set up a BBQ stand in the plaza next door. Actually I think its been there most of the summer but I've never wandered over and checked it out. Today I walked past and noticed that the sign says its run by I Smell Smoke, a BBQ team name I recognized from various other BBQ-related blogs. Unfortunately I didn't have any cash and assumed they weren't equipped for debit card. Looks like the menu was primarily pulled pork sandwiches with chips and soda. I'm going to have to make this stop next week.

Tomorrow Cassie and I are going to a night time Patriots preseason game versus the Titans. Should be a great evening. The best part about August preseason games is the warm tailgating afternoons and the lack of pressure on winning. Last year we went to a game about this time, but this year we're going to do it right and head out earlier in the afternoon.

I'm starting to put together a menu for the afternoon and thinking it will center around a slow smoked encore to the ribs I did on vacation.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday BBQ Links

5 Rules for what makes a good BBQ joint from the Kansas City Barbeque Society by way of White Trash BBQ.

My favorite:
Rule Five: Dust and flies. Contrary to what the NYC DOH preaches, a good barbecue joint needs some dust and flies. If the place is too clean - who's paying attention to the pit. No flies? What do they know that you don't?

Mentioned earlier today, is a wealth of information about how to prepare, rub, smoke and sauce pork ribs, with special attention paid to adapting professional smoker technique to the home BBQ. Awesome.

And last but certainly not least, The Naked Whiz's Lump Charcoal Database, another welcome to addition to the permanent Links section of our site. Without the internet you can bet there would be no easily searchable index of all the various lump charcoal available.

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Taking a Run at some Serious Ribs

In the run up to Memorial Day we stumbled into some fantastic ribs purely by chance. The ribs had been an afterthought at the store, the rub had been assembled out of on-hand ingredients the day of the cookout, and the sauce was whatever we could find in the fridge and stretch out with some molasses and ketchup. The ribs were thrown on the back of the grill and forgotten for a few hours while we cooked a number of other items. In short, we ignored and/or blatantly broke every rule for smoking ribs on a grill. And yet, as noted in the relevant blog post, they ended up being amazing, and probably the highlight of the entire grill-a-thon. BBQ is a series of happy accidents.

This weekend, with a weather forecast for "awesome", I'm looking forward to trying some ribs utilizing the techniques outlined on, specifically their detailed instructions on smoking ribs with a Weber kettle (and if you haven't been paying attention, we've recently been adding links such as to the new Links section of the blog). The plan as of now is to try out this maple chipotle sauce I've had my eye on, and combine it with the Memphis Magic Dust rub for some extra spicy flavor.

As a side note, the ever excellent video blog Townie News, home of Fitzy Fitzgerald and covering all relevant Boston sports news, featured an excellent commentary on two critical components to a successful summer: beer and grilling. check it out (crude language and humor, but if you're reading this blog that shouldn't be a problem right?).

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great BBQ Theme Ad Campaign

Check out this ad campaign for the Grain Foods Foundation. Great stuff. More information about the agency and credits as well as two additional ads from the campaign at

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Gracious Bowl

Found a cool food blog today, The Gracious Bowl, about great homemade soups. Of particular interest is today's recipe for a grilled chicken lime soup. Marinated chicken is combined with grilled vegetables to make a killer looking summer soup.

Hopefully they won't mind me linking to this image, because it really says a lot more than I can about how good this recipe looks:

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