Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Update

Despite the hype of my previous post, scheduling didn't work out for an afternoon of rib smoking. I am happy to report that break-through success was obtained in another area: the elusive buffalo bleu cheese burger. This was something I had attempted back in August 2005 with mixed results. The primary problem at that time was that I was trying to mix the hot sauce with the hamburger before forming the patties, which resulted in them not staying together on the grill.

This time around, I tried a technique used in this video, simply basting the ribs with the hot sauce during the cooking process, which worked great. I also used crumbled bleu cheese and found that it diffused through the center of the burger much better. I'll post a recipe for this in the near future.

I also made a fantastic gazpacho this weekend following this recipe and highly recommend it. The rosemary grilled croutons are fantastic.

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