Saturday, May 19, 2007

The BBQ Blog Returns to Grill Again

Hello friends, and welcome once again to the begining of the return of the infamouse BBQ blog. As you can see, things have been in a state of disrepair for quite some time now. Today we start work on changing that.

New Design:
I'm using this update as an exercise in learning to code proper XHTML and CSS, something I've been putting off for far, far too long. We probably won't get to a finished design right off the bat, but it should at least be usable soon.

Revive the old posts:

The photo host I was using went under and I never bothered moving links around. I'm going to get all the photos up on Flickr, which I assume won't be going out of business any time soon, and also take the opportunity to make the photos larger than they have been in the past. Hopefully I still have everything going back to 2005.

Fresh new content:

Matt and I are ready to grill. I have a backlog of recipes to get posted as well.

Welcome back!


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